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Why Choose Us?

01. Microsoft 2017, SMB Rising Star, New York Metro, Partner of the Year. 

Our team’s deep knowledge and extensive experience are what you need for complex design, management, or even migration of your cloud infrastructure. Quantech offers award winning Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions. As a Silver Certified Partner and contributor to the Microsoft US SMB Cloud Partner Advisory Council our qcSky expert team builds what you need in the Microsoft Cloud using Office 365 and Azure.

02. Help, Not Headaches.

You call for IT support because you get an error message on your computer. Just when you think everything is fixed and hang up the phone, something else goes wrong. Was that help? Nope. It was more of a headache. IT support with qcCare means no more headaches. Quantech does things right the first time.

03. Modern Threats Demand a New Approach to Control Risk.

Protecting people, information, systems, and access, qcGuard offers you the approach you need to stay safe online. Definition based threat defenses are no longer effective. You need good cyber hygiene and even better cyber defenses to protect your business in an ever-changing threat landscape. Quantech helps protect you from threats much more serious than viruses and SPAM. We help protect you from ransomware, crypto jacking, phishing and more.

04. Beyond Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Like many disasters, Hurricane Sandy had a devastating impact on many businesses in the New York Metro area. But as the storm passed, none of Quantech’s clients lost a single byte of data. Our qcSafe solutions not only mitigate the threat of fire, flood, or natural disaster, they guarantee you will never lose your information, your greatest asset, to any threat including ransomware or cybercrime.

05. Unified Communications.

Because Business Requires More than a Telephone. qcVoice Unified Communications combines the most powerful tools you use every day to make communicating with your customers, vendors, or partners even easier. Combining your office phone with BYOD, online meetings with video chat, and instant messaging with presence awareness, you can have the same conversations using modern communications.

06. Shrink your IT Footprint.

The financial impact of your systems is more than the cost of hardware and software. Total cost of ownership includes power consumption, connectivity, and periodic replacement. Moving services to the cloud means converting unexpected capital expenditures to consistent operational expenditures. It also means reducing the size of your server room without sacrificing the ability to scale your business. qcSky Cloud integration helps you shrink your IT footprint by implementing Office 365 and Azure Solutions.

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