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The Most Comprehensive IT Support

"Quantech keeps us up to speed with the most current technology available. They are professional and proactive, never reactive. They migrated us to Office 365 in 2013. When Microsoft introduced us to Quantech as a Cloud Partner, we knew we were in good hands. Back then, we had not refreshed our systems in a long time. Quantech recognized this. Rather than trying to “sell us something” they worked with us to completely modernize.

We started our business 50 years ago. The Aviation Industry is complicated. We depend on our systems today more than ever before. Combining the regulatory environment with the fact that we maintain one of largest aircraft parts inventories in the country means we have a lot to concentrate on. IT is not one of them. This is where I depend on Quantech.

Their team takes their time to learn your operations then builds IT solutions that allows you to focus on your business without worrying about computer systems. Quantech understands how business functions."

John Cosgrove
Cosgrove Aircraft Services

Bullet Proof Solutions

"Having rebuilt our building after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we did not want to put our business back at risk with in-house file servers or bear the repeated expense to replace them as they became obsolete. Expensive co-location facilities were out of the question.

Quantech partnered with our software vendor to build us a cloud solution for our non-cloud software. We now have a disaster-proof environment that can easily grow with our business. Our biggest concern of another catastrophe and our software not being accessible by management and staff members is no longer a worry. Our employees can all work remotely, from anywhere, if there is an internet connection. Our business will not miss a beat if there is a fire, flood or simply no power. We owe it all to Quantech who designed and worked hard to arrive at a bulletproof solution for us."

Robert E Mackoul
New Empire Insurance Services

Better Service and Response Time

"We called Quantech when we were having constant connectivity problems. Before them we had to reboot our router, server and workstations just to get our systems to connect to each other. You can imagine how damaging this was for business, especially during tax season. That is not the case today.

We knew our systems were outdated. We asked Quantech to help us modernize. They sprung to action, upgrading, replacing, and reconfiguring. We have been connected ever since and Quantech has proven their value and worth.

Working with Quantech, we know that we have access to professionals always ready, willing, and able to assist in any emergency or crisis IT situation. I highly recommend them."

Phil Weinisch
Dennis Kalick and Associates

Thoughtful and Pragmatic Experts

"While there are many benefits to working with Quantech, we have been most impressed with their rapid and effective resolution for all our computer needs.

They help us identify solutions in a thoughtful and pragmatic way without recommending a lot of new equipment we don’t need.

We measure our vendor relationships on trust and effectiveness. There is a reason why we have worked with Quantech for over a decade. The Quantech team earns high scores across the board."

Elizabeth Posillico
President and CEO
Elusys Therapeutics

I Can Count on Them

"The team at Quantech is very professional. They take their work seriously and responsibly. There are many reasons why I work with them but the most important benefit is their timely response, especially during tax season.

Quantech understands business priorities. They are great at assessing our business needs and working with us to create and install solutions that make sense. If a problem ever arises, I know I can definitely count on them."

Diego Fajardo
Fajardo Accounting Services

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